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Breast Reduction Minneapolis

If your have overly large breasts cause pain and interfere with your life, you may be interested in breast reduction plastic surgery. Large and heavy breasts can cause a number of problems, including backache, neck ache and shoulder pain.

Why Consider Breast Reduction?

Women see Dr. Basu about breast reductions for many reasons. You may be interested in breast reduction if your:

  • Large breasts are causing neck and back pain
  • Large breasts interfere with sports and physical activity
  • Breasts are asymmetrical (one breast is larger than the other).
  • Bra straps cause bruising and chafing

If you are unhappy with the large size of your breasts, then breast reduction plastic surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Basu can give you smaller, perkier breasts with more feminine shape and contour.

After breast reduction surgery, most women feel better about their bodies and are more confident. Our patients find that they look better both in and out of clothes, and back, neck and shoulder pain is eliminated or reduced.

Choices in Breast Reduction Surgery

Minneapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Landis will discuss your concerns with you and explain the details of breast reduction. He will work with you to determine a surgical plan that best suits your needs to create the results that you hope for. A breast lift surgery can be performed in combination with your breast reduction to reduce excess skin that can cause the breasts to sag. By reducing the weight of your breasts and repositioning them to sit higher on the chest wall, you get a more proportional upper body shape.

A breast reduction can be performed with several surgical methods. Some patients will be able to have a breast reduction performed through liposuction. Using liposuction for breast reduction doesn’t remove as much breast tissue as other methods of breast reduction, but involves fewer scars. If you are interested, ask Dr. Landis if you are a good candidate a breast reduction through liposuction.

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

A breast reduction procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Landis will make the appropriate incisions for your breast reduction and remove excess skin and breast tissue. He will ensure that your areolas are properly positioned on your new breasts and close the incisions.

Following a breast reduction surgery, you will need to rest and take it easy. You can’t lift heavy objects or exercise strenuously for several weeks after surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Minneapolis

Call Minneapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Landis at (952) 562-5940 to schedule a consultation or for more information about breast reduction cosmetic surgery. We encourage you to view our patients’ breast reduction before and after photos and read their breast reduction stories and patient reviews.