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Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth can create dramatic physical changes, and mothers often struggle with the joy they feel at having a child in conjunction with feelings of insecurity about their appearances. For many mothers, the idea of plastic surgery can seem selfish, but mommy makeover patients report feeling significant increased confidence and wellness after their procedures.  As an experienced mommy makeover surgeon in Minneapolis, Dr. Landis has seen the positive and transformative effects treatment can have. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, with all the confidence that comes with loving their bodies.

If you have loose skin around your abdomen, deflated breasts, or exercise-resistant fat caused by one or more pregnancies, visit Dr. Landis today for your comprehensive mommy makeover consultation. Dr. Landis and his team are proud to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals with this comprehensive and customized procedure.

Procedures Included in Your Mommy Makeover

This treatment refers to a combination of procedures designed to enhance beauty-after-baby, but treatment is not cookie-cutter. Patients can choose from a variety of procedures designed to correct the after-effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. While treatment plans are unique, many consist of procedures to shape and smooth skin, while adding volume to breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Landis reviews your concerns and expectations before determining the best way to meet your needs with cosmetic surgery.

These treatments and others are designed to alleviate the following issues commonly experienced after motherhood:

  • Excess skin on the stomach
  • Separation of abdominal muscles
  • Drooping breast skin
  • Lack of breast volume

Treatments are often completed concurrently, to help patients save time both in surgery and during recovery. Dr. Landis understands that mothers are parts of busy families and cannot afford to take too much time away from work, childcare, and routine activities, like picking children up from school. Arranging for childcare for extended periods of time can also be cost-prohibitive. Your tummy tuck and breast enhancement surgery can be completed in one surgical visit, so you can take extended time away offyour list of concerns.

Customizing your Minneapolis Mommy Makeover with Dr. Landis

When determining your treatment plan, Dr. Landis recommends the following procedures most commonly. However, your unique approach to care can include additional treatments, such as cosmetic injectables to improve skin tone reduce fine facial lines. Consider the procedures below they as they may apply to your mommy makeover:

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and tissue in the lower abdomen. Small fat deposits can also be eliminated this way, but a tummy tuck is not intended as a fat removal surgery on its own.Further benefits of the procedure include realignment of vertical stomach muscles that are often displaced as the abdomen expands during pregnancy. Improved strength of the abdominal wall allows patients to develop better muscle tone and prevents the risk of hiatal hernias.

A breast lift raises the position of the breast on the chest wall. This procedure is intended to improve breast position but does not increase cup volume. If patients want increased breast fullness overall or specifically in the upper part of the breast, implants or fat transfer can be provided. Dr. Landis offers both silicone and saline implants, depending on your goals and body shape. Nipple position can also be enhanced with this procedure, creating ideal aesthetics.

Weight fluctuations can leave you with persistent fat deposits that are difficult to eradicate through diet and exercise. Liposuction is a selective fat removal procedure that can slim problem areas of stubborn fat. Common treatment areas include the inner thighs, arms, stomach, and hips. Patients should be near their ideal weight before this procedure is performed to ensure best results. Liposuction is not used for comprehensive weight loss, independent of diet and exercise.

Firmer Skin Post-Pregnancy with a Mommy Makeover

The development of loose abdominal skin after pregnancy happens to many patients and is not reflective of poor health habits or exercise. Patients at a healthy weight who frequently visit the gym find that no amount of cardio or crunches can reduce excess soft tissue. While it’s true that some skin elasticity will naturally return after pregnancy, your body changes dramatically to accommodate a pregnancy, which is highly likely to create some loose tissue after birth and post-partum recovery. Many mothers are motivated to pursue plastic surgery after being frustrated by lack of firmness in their midsections. With loose tissue, all your hard work in the gym can easily become obscured, which is also difficult for many patients.

An essential part of mommy makeover surgery is excising loose tissue on the stomach and breasts, so Dr. Landis can effectively create improved body contoursthat complement your new shape. Patients who see ideal skin removal results are those who are at or near their ideal weight. This also minimizes the need for additional body sculpting with liposuction.

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

The most obvious upside of cosmetic body surgery is a lean shape with firm skin. This allows patients to move freely, unencumbered by loose skin that can cause rubbing or chafing while exercising or running daily errands. But the results of a mommy makeover are widespread and go beyond simply removing tissue or adding a breast implant.

Patients report the following additional benefits of their procedures:

  • Greater freedom in clothing selection
  • No more padded bras
  • No need to wear compression/shape garments under clothes
  • Increased self-esteem in social situations and while with your partner
  • The confidence to wear swimsuits or other form-fitting and revealing clothing

It’s hard to imagine how any of the above issues can weigh on you until you no longer have to worry about them. Feeling more like yourself can mean less time getting ready and trying to hide bothersome imperfections. Imagine the freedom of not being worried about baring your stomach or having to buy special bras to mimic the appearance of full breasts. Your mommy makeover with Dr. Landis can help you live confidently and feel great in everyday life.

Recovering from your Full Body Mommy Makeover

Because several procedures are often bundled together during your extended cosmetic surgery procedure, recovery can take slightly longer than what you may experience with recuperation after a single surgery.  Surgeries that do not affect the muscle, such as some varieties of implant placement, will be more comfortable, while a tummy tuck patient may find the first three days after surgery to be the time when they need the most rest and assistance.

To ensure a smooth recovery, it’s best to plan ahead. Patients often take showers and wash and dry their hair the day of surgery, as they may not feel up to doing the same in the first three days after treatment. It’s also important to make arrangements for meals, homecare, and child supervision. Whether a spouse or other family member is providing assistance, you’ll need someone at your side in the first few days. Set up your resting area with medication and compresses within arm’s reach. If you need to get up and move, someone should be available to lend support. Medication provided will likely make you sleepy the first few days, allowing you to get as much rest as possible.

On the fourth day of recovery, many patients feel a significant increase in comfort and energy. Drains are usually removed during or after the first week, which provides patients with a feeling of relief, as drains are necessary but can be difficult to move around with. Patients typically wear a stomach binder to help shape new contours of the midsection if a tummy tuck was provided. As each day passes, you will begin to feel more comfortable, and many patients find that time moves quickly as they attend follow-up appointments and see their results develop.

Ask our Plastic Surgeon about Mommy Makeovers in Minneapolis

Dr. George Landis is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon who has earned accolades for his approach to plastic surgery procedures that are typically sought after by women. His compassionate bedside manner and thorough method of patient education make him unique in his field and in his community. Your safety and satisfaction are of the utmost concern for both our specialist and his team; when you visit Dr. Landis, you can benefit from a completely customized treatment plan that takes all your needs and concerns into account.

If you’re ready to look and feel your best, take the first step toward a mommy makeover by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Landis today. We encourage all patients to approach their initial appointment with plenty of questions, so we can help them completely understand their selected procedure. Patients are also welcomed to browse our mommy makeover before and after photo gallery to get an idea of what other patients have able to achieve with this process.

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