Breast Asymmetry Minneapolis

It is unusual for breasts to be perfectly symmetrical, but for some women the size discrepancy between their breasts can be very noticeable, as much as a whole cup size difference between them. This condition can be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable in certain situations.

Who should undergo surgery to correct breast asymmetry?

Women that exhibit this congenital problem can often benefit from surgical correction. If it’s bothersome, she should consider correction – even if the asymmetry is very subtle.

If you exhibit conditions such as the following, you might be able to benefit from this surgery:

  • One breast seems large
  • One breast seems small
  • Breasts shaped differently
  • Prominent rib affecting breast appearance

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Surgical correction of breast asymmetry

To correct this problem, one breast is enlarged or one is reduced in size to bring about symmetry. Patients often say they prefer the size of one breast, so Dr. Landis plans this surgery accordingly. Surgical correction may involve multiple techniques in breast surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction.

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After Surgery

Recovery time will be similar to breast augmentation in most cases, which is generally about 1-2 weeks. A special bra is provided and pain medications are provided to ease discomfort. The results are usually very symmetrical and patients find this very satisfying.

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