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An otoplasty offers patients with prominent ears the ability to reshape and reposition this important facial feature. While this procedure can be performed on children and teens, Dr. Landis recommends that patients seeking correction of prominent ears consider waiting until the age of ten to ensure that ears have fully developed. Adults also find great value in the otoplasty, as many have delayed having this procedure. The otoplasty involves surgical incisions, and special techniques to fold prominent ears along with managing the prominence in the cup-shaped portion of the ear known as the concha.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Landis is known for his natural-looking otoplasty results. Many of his patients say he is the best otoplasty surgeon in Minneapolis. Contact our plastic surgery office by calling (952) 562-5940 to schedule a consultation and learn more about ear surgery in Minneapolis.

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What Can an Otoplasty Correct?

Each case of ear surgery is highly individual, as is the delicate and highly individual anatomy of the ear. Dr. Landis will do an analysis of the ear axis and the position on the head, ear size and angle of protrusion in order to formulate a surgical plan to correct the disproportionate or deformed ear.

Otoplasty is one of the most popular and effective types of reconstructive ear surgery in Minneapolis.

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How will the Surgery be Performed?

An incision is placed in the crease behind the ear. Sutures are used to correct the shape of the ear and change the position of the ear relative to the head. Sometimes a piece of cartilage is removed. In patients who desire a reduction in the size of the ear, sometimes an incision is placed on the front of the ear, just inside the rim, where the incision will not be visible. Depending on the patient’s preference, the otoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia.

Will there be Scarring?

Any incision results in a scar but the incisions are placed so that they will be inconspicuous and hopefully almost invisible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty in Minneapolis

Most patients tolerate otoplasty very well. While patients may experience some discomfort and tenderness after surgery, most will not experience intense pain. Discomfort is usually controlled with over-the-counter pain medications and stronger prescription pain medications.

We provide each patient with a customized quote for their procedure during their consultation. The cost of your procedure will depend on the difficulty and complexity of the operation.

Any incision results in a scar, but the incisions are placed so that they will be inconspicuous and hopefully almost invisible.

Ear surgery pairs well with many of the plastic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Landis. It is commonly paired with eyelid surgery or a facelift.

If you’re interested in both ear surgery and other cosmetic procedures, Dr. Landis may be able to offer a combined procedure. Combining treatments can reduce downtime after plastic surgery. Instead of recovering from one procedure, patients recover from two together. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options for pairing otoplasty with another procedure.

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