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Breast augmentation surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure and for good reason. Patients who feel self-conscious due to small breasts, lack of firmness, or a mismatch in overall size of breasts feel a boost of confidence after their aesthetic surgery. Dr. Landis understands that the shape of a woman’s body is intimately connected to her feelings of femininity and attractiveness.

If you have always wanted implants to meet your personal aesthetic goals, visit our practice for breast augmentation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. At Dr. Landis’ office, our experience and compassion set us apart, making our surgeon and team patients’ first choice for breast enhancement surgery.

Why Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There is any number of reasons women pursue breast implant surgery, and many are highly personal. Some may want to feel more confident in their skin, while others want to fill out specific clothing. Breast augmentation surgery adds volume and improves breast shape and profile. This can be especially beneficial for women who have noticed a change in their appearance after breastfeeding or those who developed a breast size that makes them feel self-conscious.

Breast augmentation balances overall physical appearance and creates contours that help patients meet their aesthetic goals. Minneapolis implant surgeon Dr. George Landis offers augmentation for many different reasons, including:

  • If breasts have lost volume and begun to sag over time (this correction may also include a breast lift)
  • If breasts have always been small
  • If breasts have lost volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • If one breast is larger than the other

Dr. Landis provides a level of personalized attention and communication that make his practice unique in the area. During your consultation for breast augmentation, Dr. Landis reviews your aesthetic concerns and motivation for pursuing implants. With this information, he can recommend a procedure and treatment method that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to act as your guide in choosing the best treatment plan. You can feel confident knowing that our team is here to help you look and feel your best.

The Benefits of Breast Implants

There are many emotional and physical benefits associated with achieving your ideal body image. If the size and shape of your breasts have always made you feel less confident than you’d like, you can enjoy the freedom of never having to second guess your appearance in a low-cut shirt, form-fitting dress, or bikini. You can also save yourself time getting ready for an important event; no more carefully engineering clothing and undergarments to create the appearance of breast volume or cleavage. You can also ditch your bulky padded bras.

Dr. Landis’ breast augmentation patients benefit from a newfound confidence in their figures and can carry asense of wellbeing into all aspects of their lives.


Your Breast Implant Options: Customized Treatment

If you have decided to complete breast augmentation surgery, there are several options to consider. Dr. Landis emphasizes patient education, helping you understand what to expect from treatment and the implant types available to create your desired appearance. As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Landis is prepared to answer any of your questions and help you feel confident in your choice of procedure.

Your treatment plan can include saline or silicone breast implants, depending on your aesthetic preferences. Dr. Landis will provide samples that you can feel and help you consider all relevant factors about your preferred type of implants. You will get to choose what size and profile match your expectations, including shaped implants or the traditional round variety. Choosing the right approach depends on your overall frame and build; your implants should naturally compliment your shape for improved body contours.

After your consultation, you will leave our office with a proposed plan for treatment. This allows our patients to make an educated decision about their care and to adequately prepare for treatment and recovery.

Meet Dr. Landis

Dr. Landis offers knowledge, experience, and high ethical standards of medical excellence and professionalism. Together we can build a partnership to achieve your optimal aesthetic results while improving your self image and quality of life.

Breast Augmentation in Minneapolis-St. Paul with Dr. Landis

On the day of the breast augmentation procedure, small incisions are made to place your implant. These can be hidden under the breast crease, around the areolar border, or in the axilla. Saline implants can be inserted and filled after placement, which creates a less noticeable incision. Dr. Landis will determine where he can best camouflage your incision, accurately place the implants, and create the ideal aesthetic. Breast implants can also be set above or below the muscles of the chest wall.

Dr. Landis’ expertise allows him to offer treatment methods that maximize results and support best possible healing. Our Minneapolis-St. Paul breast surgeon specializes in the advanced dual-plane technique, which helps patients enjoy natural results and beautifully augmented figures. This approach is typically recommended for patients with low body fat to create the appearance of augmented breasts, without an unnatural aesthetic. Even if you have tuberous or elongated breasts, Dr. Landis can use this method to create the rounded breasts you’ve always wanted.

If you have any questions about what your treatment will include or how to choose an implant style, contact Dr. Landis today at (952) 562-5940.

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Implants and Additional Cosmetic Breast Enhancement

As implantsare highly sought-after treatments, they are frequently added to comprehensive treatment plans to provide improvements in patients’ overall body shape. Patients who have lost significant weight or whose breasts have drooped over the years can add implants to a breast lift procedure; this is also frequently part of a mommy makeover, which targets the abdomen and breasts for cosmetic improvement.

As an experienced reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Landis can also provide implants for patients who have experienced trauma or disease. You can trust our compassionate team to help you feel like yourself again by recreating the appearance of full and healthy breast tissue. Dr. Landis is inspired by patients’ aesthetic journeys and is committed to helping them feel fantastic through aesthetic procedures.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The price of breast augmentation surgery in and around Minneapolis typically ranges from $5,000 to $7,000. Cost also varies depending on hospital fees and whether you opt for silicone gel implants or saline implants. If you have questions about the fees associated with your implant procedure, it’s important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Landis and review all parts of your treatment plan. While many patients look for the best deal for this procedure, it’s vital to choose a skilled professional who can help you look and feel your best.

Dr. Landis provides breast augmentation procedures that are backed by his demonstrated excellence in cosmetic surgery. He designs treatment plans that meet your expectations for overall cost. With our care, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price.

Minneapolis plastic surgeon, Dr. George Landis

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Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of procedures to see real patient results performed at Landis Plastic Surgery.

Recovering from Breast Implant Surgery

After your surgery, you will need to rest for several days and avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent strain at the treatment site. You will wear a compression bra while you are recovering. There are no sutures to remove because Dr. Landis performs a cosmetic closure with sutures underneath the skin. Dr. Landis encourages patients not to rush into strenuous activity and to listen to what their bodies are telling them. Overexertion and stain can delay healing or create complications.

Patient care is of the utmost importance to our breast augmentation surgeon and team. Your treatment plan will include follow-up care to ensure you feel well and are recovering properly. We are available whenever needed to answer questions and help you understand what to expect while you recuperate from surgery. With our help, you can rest comfortably at home with the knowledge you have support from our entire staff. As soft tissue heals and swelling subsides, you can enjoy the results of your procedure. Dr. Landis encourages all new and returning patients to review his Before and After Gallery to get an idea of what their transformation can look like.

If you’re ready for a new figure with breast implants in Minneapolis-St. Paul, contact Dr. Landis at (952) 562-5940 today for your in-depth consultation!

Breast implant sizing is individualized and based on a scientific approach to determine proportion. During your consultation, I will take multiple precise measurements of your natural chest anatomy, then I will provide a recommendation for the correct implant size based on a combination of these measurements, which type is safest for you and which implant will decrease the chance for post-op complication.

You will then try on implant sizers during the consultation, allowing you to see the shape/size that best fits your desired results.  This will give you the best idea of how you will look with a particular size implant.

Yes.  The location of your breast implant scars will be determined by the placement of the incisions that I will make in order to place your implants inside the breast pocket.  The most common incision I use is the inframammary incision. This technique creates an incision that follows the natural curve underneath your breasts. Thus, scarring can be easily hidden beneath a bikini top.

The periareolar incision creates a semi-circular incision tracing the lower half of your areolas, but I usually only use this site when I am doing a simultaneous breast left since a scar is necessary there anyway.  Another site, which I rarely use because increased problems with implant positioning is the transaxillary incision, placed in your underarm area.  This technique, however, is less accurate when it comes to the placement of your implants.

Yes.  The implant is placed outside the milk producing tissue.

Breast implants are not considered to be “lifetime devices,” but they are designed to be long lasting and safe. Patients can expect today’s breast implants—the products of decades of research into stronger shells and more stable fillers—to last more than a decade, with the chance of rupture increasing about one percent each year. That means after a decade, there is a 95% chance that the breast implants will still be fully intact.

Women who choose breast augmentation with implants should be prepared to keep up with their regular annual checkups, as well as perform self-checks to ensure the devices are still intact.

A ruptured saline implant, for instance, should deflate relatively quickly—over several days, at most. While saline is sterile, a loss of fluid into the breast tissue is obviously not ideal. In this case, women can expect the implant—and breast—to noticeably change size and shape.

A leaking silicone gel-filled implant is more difficult to detect at home, which has led to the coining of the term “silent rupture.” While a change in breast shape or size might be evident in this situation, patients may also experience a shift in sensation in the area or notice the formation of small lumps.

Yes, a technique is used to minimize the risk to the breast implants and improve the quality of the mammogram.

MRIs are recommended when you or the surgeon are suspicious because something has changed, or the implants have been in for over 10 years.   The FDA recommended that women who choose breast augmentation with gel-filled implants get MRI three years after their surgery, then every two years after that, but most surgeons consider this excessive.

Magnetic resonance imaging can detect leaks that would go undetected even during a doctor’s physical examination.

There is a type of breast implants that can cause cancer.  These implants are no longer available for surgery, but some women may have a “textured implant” and so you must contact your plastic surgeon to determine what you should do if you have one of these types of implants.

Years ago, breast implants were viewed as a way to get very dramatic and eye-catching results.  Nowadays, the goal of breast augmentation is to increase breast volume and improve asymmetry but to do so subtly for a very smooth and natural-looking result.

Saline and silicone breast implants are still the two types of implants, with silicone being the most popular. But within this category, women have a few newer options to choose from.

“Gummy bear” breast implants, for example, are shaped like a teardrop. This sloped shape mimics the contours of your natural breasts, with more fullness at the bottom and a tapering effect towards the top. Round implants, on the other hand, can usually create a fuller, more projected look than anatomical implants.

In general, silicone implants feel more natural than saline implants.

15% of breast augmentation patients lose sensation to a nipple.  This is not completely unavoidable.

All of the sutures are dissolvable and under the skin.

Less than 1 week unless you use your chest muscles a lot (like waiting tables) and then you should wait 2 weeks.

Light exercise in 1 week.  Strenuous exercise after 3 weeks.

You will not hurt something by moving.  If fact, if you keep your chest muscles with range of motion excercises of your arms, you will be more comfortable.

After breast enlargement surgery, you can wear whatever garments and clothing you find comfortable.  Women often prefer a camisole or sport bra.

Most patients choose to be completely asleep for surgery.  A few patients prefer “sedation anesthesia” where they are drowsy.  You can choose whichever anesthesia you prefer.

While breast augmentation recovery is not extremely difficult, but you will have just undergone major surgery. You will need someone to stay with you for the night of surgery.  For the first few days, you will be sore and tired. For three weeks, you should not do any heavy lifting, and this includes picking up children under 20 pounds. Plus, no driving until you are finished with all narcotic pain medications. It is recommended that you schedule assistance with household chores and with childcare for the first 24 to 72 hours. Even just having a friend stop by each day to check in on you will be helpful.

After doing some online research, many women think that they’ll need breast implant removal or replacement of their breast implants every 10 years.  This is wrong and is due in large part the Food and Drug Administration report on the safety of silicone implants that noted one out of five patients needed a replacement or revision after 10 years.

However, it is important to note that while one in five women may need another procedure, that means four in five are still enjoying the benefits of their breast implants 10 years after receiving them.

Most of those additional procedures aren’t due to deflation or a rupture of the implant, which only affect 3% of breast implants.  Most revisions are by choice, when women decide they want to change their size or have further refinement.

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