Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dear Dr. Landis & Karen:

I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this breast cancer stuff and making me feel normal again!! I feel very fortunate to chosen your practice to do the breast reconstruction. I am amazed by the outcome and love the new me. : )

Thanks again for all the wonderful care and support. I am forever grateful!

by Anonymous

We see breast cancer patients every week who have had previous breast cancer reconstruction surgery, who are unhappy with their results, and are now in need of breast reconstruction revision. Some of these women were treated years ago before more recent surgically advanced techniques were available. Correcting breast reconstruction results from previous surgeries to help breast cancer patients feel whole and beautiful again, is one of my specialties

Common complaints are:

  • Large, unsightly mastectomy scars
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Badly positioned implants
  • Divots or hollows
  • Capsular contracture(hardening around implants)

I have many techniques for correcting breast problems in my cosmetic surgery practice as well as in my breast reconstruction practice. I bring my exacting, painstaking attention to detail and a problem-solving approach in correcting prior breast reconstruction surgery results, to give you the natural, beautiful look you desire and the confidence you deserve.

Nipple Reconstruction

Sometimes when cancerous cells have involved the nipple, it is necessary to have it removed during a mastectomy.   In this situation, we have a special technique for creating a very natural looking nipple.

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