Breast Cancer Patient Education Act introduced in House

Educational materials resulting from the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act (H.R. 5937) would inform women that breast reconstruction is possible at the time of breast cancer surgery; that it may be delayed until after other treatments; or that they may choose not to have reconstruction and be informed of the availability of prostheses or breast forms. These materials also would inform breast cancer patients that federal law mandates coverage of breast reconstruction, even if such reconstruction is delayed until after other treatments.

“The Breast Cancer Patient Education Act will get the best information into the hands of women and their families, to empower them in making the best choice for their care,” says ASPS President Malcolm Z. Roth, MD. “Knowledge is power. Federal law has long required coverage for reconstruction and prostheses – and no woman should be denied the right to choose the care they need, just because they weren’t aware of their choices.”

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