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Breast Implants: Customized Options, Better Results

Dr. Landis wants to ensure your breast implant surgery is ideal to each patient’s case. With a customized approach, patients will receive new techniques and options to match their vision and complement their body.


Read the infographic below for further details on how you can customize your breast implant surgery.

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What 2018 Taught Us About Plastic Surgery

The first mentions of plastic surgery in human history date back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt and India, hundreds of years BC. Though it is thousands of years old, plastic surgery is a field in which growth and innovation are celebrated, and the best plastic surgeons never stop learning new techniques and procedures. Here is what we learned this past year about plastic surgery:

Seeking Out Highly-Qualified and Board-Certified Surgeons is Critical for Your Safety and Surgical Outcomes.

In 2018, we learned that the risk for death for gluteal fat grafting (also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift) was much higher than for other cosmetic surgeries.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a warning about this procedure that revealed a death rate of about 1 in 3,000 patients. While cosmetic surgeries are considered to be relatively safe for healthy patients, there is some risk, and more for some procedures.

Because of the risk associated with this and other cosmetic surgeries, it is critical that you seek out a physician who is committed to patient safety and has a great deal of experience. Not all surgeons are created equal! Find a board-certified surgeon to do your surgery, as this ensures that he has completed a rigorous residency training program and has been able to demonstrate mastery of surgical techniques through extensive testing.  Physicians who are not board-certified have not demonstrated this level of mastery; why trust your beauty (and your life) to a lesser qualified surgeon?

Dr. Landis upholds the highest ethical and patient safety standards for all of his procedures, and he has decades of experience that will ensure you get the best care and outcomes for your plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery isn’t Just for Women.

Though plastic surgery has traditionally been sought out by women who want to enhance their appearance, more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgeons for help in aesthetic enhancement and to boost their self-confidence. Just in the past year, the number of men seeking procedures such as male breast reduction, abdominoplasty, or liposuction has increased significantly. Dr. Landis has been performing plastic surgery on men for more than two decades, and he understands the physical and emotional factors at play for men.

Weight Loss Isn’t Enough to Give You the Body You Want.

We know that sustained and substantial weight loss requires a great deal of commitment and hard work from our patients, and we will celebrate your success in your weight loss journey! However, we’ve learned over the years that losing weight alone is often not enough to give our patients the body that they’ve been craving.  Even after losing tens or even more than a hundred pounds, many people have excess skin and fat that creates unsightly bulges and unflattering silhouettes.  That is why Dr. Landis has honed his skills in body contouring procedures through years of performing these surgeries on his patients; he knows that the removal of this excess skin and fat can finally give you the shape you’ve been working so hard to obtain!

We are committed to always learning and striving for the best in patient care and outcomes standards. For more information on the many ways that Dr. Landis can help you become your best self in the coming year, contact us at 952.562.5940 today.


Woman busted in Spain for cocaine in breast implants

The Panamanian citizen landed at Barcelona’s Prat airport on a so-called “hot flight,” one that came from a destination known for drug trafficking — in this case Bogota, Colombia.

Ninety percent of cocaine trafficked into the United States, for example, comes from Colombia, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

The passenger came under the scrutiny of security agents, who weren’t satisfied with the vague answers she kept giving about why she was in town, Spain’s interior ministry said.

Her behavior aroused the suspicion of officers that she might be carrying drugs either in her luggage or on her.

When a female officer patted down the woman, she found bloodied bandage material under the passenger’s breasts. The gauze, the officer found, was covering incisions. And the breasts were hiding “a white foreign material.”

Fresh breast implants, the suspect mustered an explanation. Must not have healed up right.

The story didn’t convince police, who hauled her off to a hospital.

“There, a medical team extracted a bag-shaped prosthesis from each breast containing a white pasty substance,” the ministry said.

Cocaine. Nearly 1.4 kilograms (3 lbs) of it.

Pure cocaine goes for about $35,000 a pound, according to the DEA.

The expensive implants landed her in jail.

5 Things Patients Can Do Better Than You

This got us thinking at RPR… What can patients uniquely do better than their plastic surgeons? How can patients help us stay competitive and even lead us into the future? Is it possible that our patients know better than we do about how best to market and grow our practices?

Patients know more about each other than you know about them

Unless you are the same age and gender as your patients, you need strategies that enable you to know what they’re thinking in relative real time. Surveys and benchmarking data are powerful tools for reaching the heart of the matter.

Insights from your patients can be used internally to motivate staff and improve practice performance. Objective data enables you to tailor your outreach to other patients.

Patients are more credible than you are

This makes your patients your best marketing team! Nothing is more trustworthy than a past patient sharing their experience with a prospective patient. If you acknowledge this reality, you can use this phenomenon to gain competitive advantage. Encourage your patients to spread the word to their network of friends and help you extend your reach through social media including ratings and reviews.

Patients are more persuasive than you are

To today’s consumers, your patients are more believable than your website or marketing materials. Invest in marketing channels that maximize the reach of your past patients’ experiences. Publish patient comments and reviews on your website. Post patient comments and reviews through your social media channels.

Patients understand buyer needs better than you do

You’ll do better if your let your patients tell you what’s important to them. Patient satisfaction and benchmarking data reveals many opportunities to improve practice performance. Use patient feedback to get what you want – higher conversions from the web and at consult plus increases in retention and referral to build your practice over time.

Patients would rather affiliate with their peers (your other patients) than with you

Knowing this is half the battle. Invest your energy and dollars in marketing efforts that bring your patients and their friends together. Online, this means participating in environments where patients can interact with each other and you. In the office, this means having seminars, open houses, and encouraging prospective patients to bring a friend or family member to their appointment.

This may help explain why patients who bring a friend or family member to their consult are 20% more likely to schedule surgery!

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