Excess Skin Surgery After Weight Loss: How Many Procedures Are Involved?

Congratulations! You committed to dramatic weight loss and did the work to slim down. It’s not easy to shed pounds accumulated after years if not decades. 

While getting back to your target weight can help change your confidence and body image for the better, you may still be frustrated when your reflection in the mirror doesn’t match what you’d envisioned. 

Whether you have lost weight through diet and exercise or opted for the more drastic route of bariatric surgery, you may feel frustrated with loose, flabby skin around your stomach, thighs, and upper arms. Tissues there often lack the elasticity to snap back, which means you won’t be able to achieve the slim results you deserve without help. If this is the case for you, you may be an excellent candidate for post-weight loss body contouring surgery.

What Is Body Contouring or Skin Surgery After Weight Loss?

Skin surgery can target the following trouble spots:

  • Upper arms and armpits
  • The abdominal region, including the sides and the lower back
  • Thighs and groin area
  • Buttocks that may have lost shape and symmetry

During body lift surgery, Dr. Landis trims away excess flab and improves the appearance of the remaining skin, including areas that have developed dimpling. In addition, he may choose to use liposuction to provide even better results.

Dr. Landis will meet with you beforehand to talk about your concerns and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for skin removal surgery. He will also recommend which combination of procedures will create your ideal outcome. 

Who Should Consider Excess Skin Removal?

Most skin surgery candidates have lost significant weight but remain frustrated by their excess skin which prevents them from wearing smaller sizes or form-fitting clothing. Having overhanging skin flaps can also be physically uncomfortable, and can cause chafing during exercise. 

If you have reached a stable weight and are dealing with these concerns and are committed to maintaining your results with nutrition and fitness, post-weight loss body contouring may be an excellent choice for you. Keep in mind that future weight fluctuations could affect your results and that the removal of excess skin is not designed as a weight loss surgery. When you’ve lost weight and are trying to keep it off, there’s no substitute for making healthy lifestyle choices.

What to Expect From Body Contouring Surgery

Based on your goals, surgical removal of excess skin may involve a combination of several different procedures. Patient safety dictates that only a certain number of procedures can occur concurrently. Dr. Landis will recommend a customized surgical plan that spreads the work out over more than one session.

For your comfort, these procedures will take place while you are under anesthesia. 

You should be aware that removing unwanted skin will require Dr. Landis to make incisions, which may be extensive in some cases. However, Dr. Landis uses advanced techniques to place incisions discreetly, and where you will be able to hide them with clothing. Most patients report the scars are a small price to pay considering their freedom from the burdens of heavy, hanging skin.

Removing Excess Skin to Top off Your Weight Loss

Do you feel you’ve reached an appropriate place in your weight loss journey to start planning for body contouring? Your next step should be to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Landis. He brings decades of surgical experience and contributions to advancing the field of plastic surgery to his practice in Minneapolis. 

Skin surgery is complex and you may have specific questions about your situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 952-562-5940 to find out more. Dr. Landis can provide the most custom recommendations in person during your consultation. You can schedule your consultation via our online form.  We look forward to your visit!

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