How Long Will Breast Lift Results Last?

A breast lift is a highly popular procedure for women who want a more youthful breast contour to restore feminine proportions and help them feel comfortable in their bodies and the lastest fashions. Mastopexy lifts the breasts by eliminating excess skin and reshaping the surrounding tissues to create more support and an upturned position. However, when considering a breast lift, many women wonder if there is anything they can do to maximize these benefits.

The short answer to the question of how long should my breast lift results last is, it depends. Some women experience a long-lasting lift from the surgery, while others who opted for minor revisions do not. Many factors contribute to the duration of your breast lift benefits, including age, health and dietary habits, genetics, and surgical techniques. However, there are some things you can do to extend breast lift results.

Proper Skin Care

Genetics heavily influences skin elasticity. However, environmental factors and lifestyle habits have a role as well. For example, excessive exposure to the sun can cause a loss of elasticity, making skin less pliable and prone to wrinkles and sagging. On the other hand, natural supplements like vitamins C and E help promote and improve skin elasticity.

Keep Your Weight Stable

Constant weight fluctuations are not healthy for your body or skin. Weight fluctuations can negatively impact your body contouring benefits as well. With breast lift surgery, it’s no different. You should maintain a steady weight, preferably a healthy weight, after your breast lift surgery. Consider the surgery only when you are at a weight where you feel the most comfortable.

Pregnancy and nursing your baby can also wreak havoc on your breast lift outcome. Therefore, you should consider mastopexy only after you are finished with childbearing.

Wear Support Bras

Wearing the proper support bras will help extend the life of your breast lift benefits. Wearing ill-fitted bras or not wearing them at all can cause breast tissue to sag. This factor is especially true for active women engaged in physical activities, like physical training or sports, due to increased impact and movement that will increase the pull of gravity. Spend sufficient time and money on optimal support when choosing the right bra.

Work with Your Surgeon

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Landis will provide detailed instructions that you should follow to maintain the integrity of your breast surgery. During your consultation, you and Dr. Landis will research and discuss a surgical technique that will be crucial to your breast lift success. Talking to him about your expectations and outcomes he has seen in their practice can help you help Dr. Landis develop a breast lift plan.

Of course, every patient is different, as are their results. But following these tips can assist you in extending the integrity of your breast lift and preserving your youthful figure.

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