How to Choose the Best Bra After Breast Augmentation

Your bra plays a crucial role in the healing process after breast surgery, offering support and comfort. Typically, the best option is a medical-grade compression bra, then a sports bra for long-term use. Here are a few tips on selecting the perfect bra to help you heal after breast augmentation surgery.

Medical Compression Bras for Recovery

Cosmetic surgeons’ opinions on the best bra during breast augmentation recovery vary. While most recommend a medical compression bra, some surgeons suggest a standard sports bra or no bra at all. This idea of going braless is to allow the implants to settle into their permanent position.

Despite these differing opinions, medical compression bras (also known as surgical bras) are best suited to patients’ needs in most cases, as they offer more support than a standard sports bra. The compression helps minimize discomfort and swelling, ensures the dressings remain in place, and supports the implants and incisions while the capsule tissue forms.

Also, surgical bras help ease breast surgery recovery. In addition, studies have shown that ensuring proper blood flow minimizes the risk of certain complications such as seromas and lymphedema.

The Right Surgical Bra

If your plastic surgeon recommends you wear a medical compression bra, make sure the model you choose has these features.

No underwires: Wires irritate surgical incisions and cause needless complications.

Comfortable fit: Comfort is an essential consideration. If the bra is uncomfortable, it may be because it’s the wrong size. To choose a comfortable fit, use your projected cup size plus one.

A soft cup: Again, this makes sure your incisions are well protected.

Ample support: The bra should be snug on your chest to ensure the implants are in place, but not too tight to flatten them.

Adjustable straps: Because swelling decreases during recovery, you may need to adjust the size and tightness. Also, remember, the straps should always be tight enough to support your breasts.

Breathable fabric: You will be wearing your after-surgery bra day and night, so breathable cloth like a cotton blend will minimize sweat buildup.

When Are Sports Bras Recommended?

Compression bras are specialty garments, which means they can be expensive. Many women question if they can wear a sports bra during recovery instead.

Unfortunately, sports bras provide less support than surgical bras. In addition, they may apply pressure across your breasts, causing implants to flatten. Dr. Landis may approve of using a sports bra instead of a medical compression bra despite these limitations, but only if it provides sufficient support and doesn’t involve an underwire.

Most surgeons recommend transitioning into a sports bra during recovery before moving into more traditional undergarments.

Your sports bra should meet the same criteria as your medical compression bra. It should feel comfortable, provide snug support without being too tight, and contain no underwires.

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