How to Prepare for a Mommy Makeover and Have a Smooth Recovery

The tremendous stress of pregnancy and childbirth can dramatically change every part of your body. Unfortunately, bouncing back to your pre-baby body through diet and exercise can be challenging, causing many mothers to opt for a mommy makeover.

Because a mommy makeover is a comprehensive collection of cosmetic procedures, you will need to be in good emotional and physical health to ensure your recovery is manageable. Here are a series of tips to help you prepare for healing after mommy makeover surgery and ensure the process is as quick and comfortable as possible.

Have Someone by Your Side

Before scheduling your surgery, you should arrange for a responsible adult to support you with your daily activities. Fully healing after a mommy makeover can take a long time and involve several activity restrictions. Depending on your kids’ ages, you’ll likely need help with child care. Be sure your supportive friend or family member is also willing and able to tackle household chores, run errands, and anything else you may require.

Request Time off Work

Your body will need time to heal, so arrange days off from work to allow for your recovery. Most of our patients feel well enough to go back to their jobs in about two weeks, but listen to your body and request more time if necessary.

Everyone heals differently, and your professional responsibilities may require strenuous activities like moving around and lifting heavy objects. In that case, you should consider asking for extra time off. But if you work at home or in an office, you could be ready to return sooner.

Create a Comfortable Setup

After surgery, you’ll want your recovery area immediately set up and ready to go when you come home. Before leaving for the hospital or surgery center, create a comfortable space near a bathroom and a table within arm’s reach for water, medications, reading material, etc. The recovery area should include comfy pillows to prop yourself up and blankets to keep warm.

Get Plenty of Time Out

You will be tender at the incision sites, so prepare for plenty of sleep. Don’t rush your recovery, and understand it takes time to get your body back to 100%. Pushing yourself too soon can affect the body’s healing process, leading to complications that can impede healing.

Stay Active When Possible

Though you’ll need plenty of rest, we encourage you to move around a bit as your recovery progresses. You won’t resume your regular exercise routine or perform intense physical activities, but you can walk around the house to speed circulation and prevent blood clots. Staying in bed for your whole recovery process is one mistake you won’t want to make. Instead, walk short distances and then get back to resting.

Listen to Your Plastic Surgeon

Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions for you to follow during your mommy makeover recovery. Take this list home and post it where it’s visible to you and those who are helping you.

Follow all your directions about taking medications, limiting activities, and getting the rest you need until you have completely healed.

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