How Many Areas Can One Liposuction Surgery Address?

Fatty trouble spots don’t stand a chance against liposuction, a powerful body contouring treatment that manually removes fat cells using suction. From love handles to muffin tops, liposuction can help you target stubborn fat and say goodbye to it.

Can Liposuction Replace Diet and Exercise?

Liposuction doesn’t take the place of diet and exercise. It isn’t a weight-loss treatment at all. Liposuction’s goal is to shape and sculpt targeted areas of the body.

Your body has thousands of fat cells, distributed from head to toe. As you gain weight, the fat cells expand. When you lose weight, they shrink. Diet and exercise target the whole body by shrinking fat cells.

Liposuction works differently. This treatment removes fat cells, but only from specific areas. If you’re at your target weight, but can’t shake those pesky love handles, liposuction can remove fat specifically from the waist, sculpting a singular area. Fat cells don’t usually regenerate in adults, so once the fat cells are removed, that specific trouble spot is unlikely to return.

In other words, diet and exercise benefit you from head to toe, while liposuction targets specific places.

What Areas of Body Fat Can Liposuction Treat?

Where do you have excess fat? Liposuction is a versatile treatment and can remove fat from almost any area of the body. Our patients’ most requested areas to treat with liposuction include:





Upper arms

Back (bra rolls)

Chest (typically in men with gynecomastia)


Under the chin

Calves and ankles

If you have areas of stubborn fat, ask Dr. Landis if liposuction can help remove it.

Can I Treat Multiple Spots Simultaneously? How Many?

Let’s be honest: Most of us have more than one trouble spot. If you’re struggling with love handles and bra back rolls, can liposuction treat both areas at the same time?

Liposuction can usually treat multiple areas with a single trip to the operating room. Safety is paramount for Dr. Landis, so he works with each patient individually to determine how many areas he can reasonably treated and how much fat he can remove in one session.

Simultaneously combining treatment areas can cut down on downtime after liposuction. Most patients miss a few days of work after their procedure. When you treat multiple areas, you can heal from more than one liposuction area at once. Enjoy double results with half the recovery time.

While we can treat several areas of the body with liposuction, for the best results, it is crucial to lose weight first. We recommend that patients achieve their ideal weight, or close to it, before scheduling their liposuction procedures. Maintaining a consistent, stable weight after treatment helps extend and maintain results.

Ready for Liposuction?

You’ve tried dieting and exercise, but you’ve still got a few areas of stubborn fat. Maybe it’s time to try liposuction! If you’re interested in learning more about this body sculpting treatment, contact Dr. George Landis and schedule a liposuction consultation. Call our office at (952) 562-5940.

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