Look & Feel Great: Medical Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

When considering a tummy tuck, most patients look for the aesthetic outcome of a toned and taut abdomen. Because the procedure helps reverse the effects of weight fluctuation and pregnancy by supporting the underlying abdominal wall and removing unsightly sagging skin, we tend to think the procedure has only a cosmetic value. Although there are plenty of visible concerns resolved by the surgery, there are also medical benefits as well.

With the repositioning and repair of abdominal muscles, the aesthetic benefits make the procedure appealing. However, tummy tucks can also have medical benefits that many patients are not aware of. Here are a few:

Better Posture

An important cosmetic benefit of abdominoplasty is also a medical improvement as well. By strengthening the underlying abdominal muscles, it is easier for the core to support the rest of the body. The result is better posture which may help resolve medical issues like swayback and lordosis.

Reduction of Urinary Incontinence

This issue is common in mothers after bearing children. A tummy tuck helps correct urinary leakage due to SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) by creating a bladder obstruction with soft tissue near the pelvic area. This technique helps stop urinary incontinence patients experience when laughing, exercising, sneezing, or coughing.

This correction is a welcome benefit to many mothers who have had multiple pregnancies and need more than a tighter mid-section.

Hernia Relief

Although liposuction is a great procedure to eliminate stubborn abdominal fat, a tummy tuck corrects pressure on the skin and weakened abdominal muscles caused by a hernia. The patient can benefit from a safer and less expensive approach by combining abdominoplasty with hernia correction. Additionally, patients love that they only have to undergo one recovery period instead of two.

Stronger Core

Our core muscles are involved in everything we do; from breathing, sitting up and lifting objects of all weights. Because we use our core extensively, abdominal muscle repair will have a significant influence on our quality of life.

You will Feel Great

Mothers often deal with the consequence of damaged abdominal muscles and stretched skin. Although disciplined efforts of exercise and a wise nutritional plan can bring aesthetic and medical benefits, they often cannot achieve all the goals many women set for themselves and their body.

After a tummy tuck, many patients experience the joy of successfully correcting their abdominal contour as well as improving their health and wellbeing. With these results, many women find abdominoplasty not only helps them look great, but they feel great also.

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