Pairing Surgical Body Contouring Procedures: Which Go Together

When considering body contouring, there are multiple procedures which can work together to ensure you get the results you want. Whether you need help in the tummy, breasts, buttocks, or thighs, there is a solution for you, and at times more than one. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Landis offers procedures designed to eliminate excess fat and skin for optimal results. For many patients, he can pair two or more together to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in one surgical session.  When he consults with patients about combining these surgical procedures, more times than not the most popular cosmetic surgery is part of the conversation. 


This popular aesthetic procedure has been around for several decades and has proven to be a safe, effective solution for pesky fat bulges that seem resistant to diet and exercise. By surgical standards, it’s minimally invasive and has a short recovery. Removing excess fat is essential to eliminate unwanted fat cells and improve body outline. Pairing liposuction with other body contouring procedures is a popular way to enhance results. Dr. Landis often combines liposuction with breast surgery, a lower facelift, fat transfer, and tummy tuck, to name a few. 

Mommy Makeover

By definition, a mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures designed to restore pre-pregnancy outlines to mothers dealing with the after-effects of bearing children and breastfeeding. The operation deals mainly with the breast and belly areas but can also include the thighs, hips, and love handles.

Breast surgeries like breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction are combined with a tummy tuck to rejuvenate a youthful figure and improve skin tone. 

The Breasts

During the aging process, especially after bearing children, breasts may lose volume and elevation. Breast augmentation with implants will improve firmness, size, and shape. With a wide selection of breast implants to choose from, the patient may either restore the breasts she had before motherhood or attain the breasts she has wanted since puberty. 

A breast lift does what its name implies; it rises breast elevation to their youthful perkiness. Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift will give the patient the best of both worlds; size and shape enhancements with that upward turn enjoyed when she was younger.  

After Weight Loss

When a man or woman loses a massive amount of weight, they are on their way to a healthier life. Unfortunately, when losing a lot of weight, excess skin may cause a problem. Body contouring procedures are an effectual remedy to eliminate excess skin to improve the shape and comfort of the patient. By removing sagging skin, clothes fit better without irritation and discomfort, and the body looks sleeker, slimmer, and taut, effectively completing its transformation.

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There are several combinations to body contouring procedures to help you achieve the body you want. A consultation with Dr. Landis will help you plan a solution that will make you feel great about the way you look while enhancing other aspects of your life, like shopping for clothes or enjoying warm weather outings. To learn more about how you can improve your figure by combining body contouring procedures, contact Dr. Landis today. 

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