Procedures to Combine with a Facelift

Kick your facelift results up a notch. Pairing your facelift with complementary procedures can enhance and extend your results.

What can you pair with your facelift, and why should you consider combining surgical treatments?

The Benefits of Combining Treatments

One of the most difficult parts of cosmetic surgery is the recovery period. Most of our patients heal quickly and are back to life in under a week or two. However, even with quick healing, it can be challenging to carve time out of your busy life for surgical recovery.

Pairing treatments together maximizes recovery time while enhancing results. Instead of recovering from only a facelift, you can recover from multiple procedures at the same time. Miss work once and enjoy results from multiple treatments.

Our Favorite Pairings for a Surgical Facelift

Many of our surgical and non-surgical treatments pair well with facelift surgery. Ask us to recommend treatments that target your trouble spots.

Some of our most popular facelift pairings include:

Eyelid Surgery – A facelift focuses its rejuvenation on the lower face. It addresses jowls, mid-face sagging, and wrinkling. To rejuvenate the upper face, we recommend pairing your facelift with a procedure like an eyelid lift. This treatment smooths wrinkles and creases on the upper and lower eyelids. It is an excellent option for lifting sagging eyelids or smoothing bags under the eyes.

Fat Transfer – Changes to facial volume are common during the aging process. Patients find themselves with less fat and volume in the mid-face. Fat transfer can restore this volume by using fat from areas like the abdomen and hips to refresh the volume in the face. Fat is extracted through liposuction, cleaned, and injected into the face. Fat transfer offers lasting results without the need for synthetic fillers or implants.

Liposuction – If you’re planning on a fat transfer with your facelift, you’ll probably need liposuction to extract fat. While only a small amount of fat is needed for fat transfer, many patients choose to get more extensive liposuction. We can remove fat from one or more of your trouble spots. Say goodbye to love handles and hello to a fresh, new look.

Tummy Tuck – Why should your face have all the fun? A tummy tuck can restore a youthful appearance to your abdominal and waist area. This procedure is very popular with moms that want to eliminate stretch marks and sagging after pregnancy. It is also popular after massive weight loss.

What Procedure Should I Pair with My Facelift?

Most of our procedures can be combined together to enhance the results of your surgery. If you have a particular trouble-spot you want to target, we can recommend treatments that may help. Let us know during your consultation if you’re interested in receiving multiple procedures with your facelift.

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