The Effect of Everyday Stressors on Your Skin

What’s your skin up against? You may not realize how everyday stressors, including UV exposure, diet, environment, and age, affect your complexion. The truth is, many destructive factors are unavoidable, especially when they’re related to aging.

That’s because over time, your body decreases the production of elastin, collagen, and naturally hydrating hyaluronic acid. These all contribute to plump, moisturized, and smooth-looking skin. You’re also likely to lose natural volume and softness from shrinking facial muscles and fat pads.

Luckily, you have both non-surgical and lasting cosmetic surgery options. Dr. George Landis can help restore facial volume, smooth away wrinkles, and tone your face for a more youthful appearance.

Here, we’ll review two of our top facial restoration methods to repair stressed and tired faces.


Whether deep lines and wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, or drooping are your issues, a customized facelift with Dr. Landis could be your solution to remove signs of stress and age. Men and women may seek a facelift in Minneapolis to elevate jowls and cheeks, reduce excess eyelid skin, lift sagging muscles, and tighten skin tone.

Recovery will require a couple of weeks off work, and you can expect some swelling and bruising. Incisions are required; however, these are hidden in natural creases, behind ears, and in the hairline, so they’re barely noticeable once healed. This is truly the most dramatic and transformative impact you can get from a facial procedure to turn back the clock on damage and stress.

Facial Fat Transfer

Advanced facial fat transfer techniques make it possible to fill in facial wrinkles and build up natural volume with your own body fat. As it’s been fine-tuned as an artform, grafting can carefully replenish your facial contours in crucial spots.

Men and women lose fat in their cheeks and midface beginning at the age of 30. The overlying skin shifts downward, hollows begin to form, and tissues sag. Fat transfer allows Dr. Landis to inject tiny micro-droplets of purified fat cells taken from areas where you have excess, like the abs or thighs.

Many patients prefer this lasting alternative to dermal fillers. Fat transfer can:

  • Improve moderate to severe wrinkles and folds
  • Restore volume to sagging facial tissue
  • Fill and smooth the area surrounding eyes
  • Augment thinning lips
  • Create a softer, youthful facial appearance

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