Taming Your Tummy After Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t always the end of tummy troubles. For many patients, loose, saggy skin remains after weight loss, keeping that flat tummy out of reach. Other patients find that stubborn fat pockets stick around, even when they are close to their ideal weight. Let us help you tame your tummy after weight loss.

Every patient’s concerns will be unique, so improving your abdominal region’s shape and appearance after weight loss will require a personalized treatment approach. We invite you to come in for a consultation to start creating your treatment plan.

To get a better idea of which treatments you may need, find your biggest complaints on the list below.

Stubborn Fat? Try Liposuction

After weight loss, many patients have an area or two of stubborn fat that doesn’t respond as well as the rest of their body. It may be love handles that won’t budge or a muffin top that remains after you’ve hit your weight loss goals. Areas of stubborn fat are often resistant to diet and exercise.

Liposuction targets specific areas of the body to remove stubborn fat pockets. Weight loss focuses on whole-body results, but liposuction is a more targeted approach. This procedure allows us to focus on specific problem areas, like the tummy.

Since liposuction removes fat, it can permanently improve your shape in treated areas. If you have an area or two where you struggle to lose fat, this treatment may be the secret to finally achieving your desired curves.

Saggy Tummy? It May Be Time for a Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy and weight gain can stretch and separate the abdominal muscles. Like a loose rubber band, these stretched out muscles are no longer tight and flat. A tummy tuck can repair the damage to the abdominal core by tightening and supporting the abdominal muscles. This procedure also removes excess skin and fat from the tummy.

A tummy tuck is one of the most effective options for creating a tight, flat abdomen after pregnancy or weight loss.

Loose Skin? Ask Us About Body Contouring

As the body gains weight, the skin stretches to expand to a larger body size. When you lose weight, the skin may be permanently stretched out. Your body is now smaller, but the skin cannot contract enough to return to a tight, smooth appearance.

If you have loose skin after weight loss, a body contouring treatment can help. This procedure removes excess skin. We offer post-bariatric body lifts for patients that have lost significant weight and standard body contouring procedures for patients that need a little help to tighten up after weight loss.

Ready to Meet with an Expert?

Losing weight is the first step to restoring a flat tummy, but it isn’t the end of your weight loss journey. Body shaping treatments with Dr. Landis put the finishing touches on your tummy, creating the tight, flat appearance you desire. Contact us at (952) 562-5940 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Landis today.

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