Want to Go Bigger or Smaller? Maybe You Need a Breast Implant Exchange

One thing is certain, life changes. As our patients prepare for breast augmentation, we rigorously work with them to choose a breast implant size that complements their anatomy and meets their aesthetic and lifestyle goals.

Most of our patients are delighted by their new breast size and enjoy their fuller, shapelier breasts for many years. Even with this diligent effort, at some point, you may find that your implant size no longer meets your needs.

Life changes, and your goals and desires for your breasts can change too. Wanting to change your implant size doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision initially. It means that you’ve changed, and it is time to consider replacing your implants to meet your new needs. Wanting a new size for your breasts is nothing to feel embarrassed about; In fact, it is a very common experience.

When you want to go bigger or smaller, consider breast implant exchange with Dr. George Landis.

Size Is the Most Common Reason for Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

There are many reasons to consider breast implant exchange surgery, but the most common is a desire to change breast size. As your life changes, so will your aesthetic and lifestyle goals. The breasts you wanted in your 20s may not be the breasts you desire at 40.

The benefits of downsizing your implants include less discomfort, easier exercise, and a smaller looking figure. The benefits of upsizing your breast implants to a larger size may consist of a fuller breast appearance and better fitting clothing.

Implant exchange is also ideal if you’ve experienced breast changes from weight loss or pregnancy. If a loss of volume in your breasts have left them looking saggy and deflated, an implant exchange paired with a breast lift can restore your breast appearance.

What Happens During an Implant Exchange?

Breast implant exchange surgery is performed under anesthesia at our out-patient surgery center. Here’s what typically happens during the procedure.

– An incision is created. Often, we can use the same incisions as your original breast augmentation, eliminating the need for a new scar.

– The old implant is removed, and a new breast implant is put in its place.

– If needed, Dr. Landis may perform a breast lift or capsule removal at the same time as the exchange surgery.

We monitor patients until they are stable after surgery and ready to return home. You’ll need someone to drive you and remain with you for the first couple of days. Patients return to our office several times during recovery so Dr. Landis can answer questions and check on the status of their healing.

Most patients heal quickly and find that their recovery is similar to their original breast augmentation, or in many cases, easier. Plan on missing 1-2 weeks from work and limiting strenuous activity until you’re fully recovered.

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